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Top of the Frac Chain

Shark Tanks

by Shark Oilfield Rentals Inc.
Phone: +1 (403) 348-2449

Frac Fluid Management. Produced Fluid Storage. One Tank. Yes.

Shark Tanks from Shark Oilfield Rentals Inc. are an innovative solution to frac fluid management redundancies and inefficiencies. Engineered for practicality in the field, these dual purpose frac tanks are delivered as a single legal load, complete with manifold, monitoring and safety equipment built right in. You’re welcome.

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  • Manage fluid and flow-back in a single unit
  • Skidded, spot & drop delivery
  • Built-in manifold with Fig 200 HU for direct tie into Frac Blender
  • High volume intake filling and supercharged feed on 8” inlet to frac manifold
  • Integrated 2” piping steam coil ready for boiler, glycol heating system
  • Gauge board, electronic & visual monitoring
  • Designed for multi-tank lease configurations, easy tie-in, less personnel for rig-in
  • Fewer connections, greatly reduced leak potential
  • Conventional stairwell up, safety rails, safeguards
  • Two compartments w/separation weir separates produced fluids, reclaim frac water for next job
  • Made in Alberta!

A Closer Look at Our Innovative Frac Tank Solution

Shark Tanks Revealed

Arrive Ready

Streamlining logistics, skidded units are delivered as a legal load on a single drop deck flatbed w/winch tractor

  • Highway ready, straight forward transport on any haul road
  • Safe, secure, agile load
  • Minimal manpower required on rig-in, reduced costs
  • Easy set up, multiple tank configuration, operation, clean-up, removal.

Spot & Drop

Shark Tanks maneuver easily. They’re easy to configure and are inherently stable in any placement – no rig mats required for spotting!

  • Tidy, efficient use of lease space
  • Easy-access hook-ups, clearly labelled
  • Dual storage tanks, single container, split or combined
  • 193m3 / 1,214bbl fluid tank capacity, built to daisy-chain in multiples

Plug & Play

With a built-in manifold, Shark Tanks are ready to rig with any Frac Blender. 8 or 10 port connection configurations available.

  • Fast, efficient, matched connections with Frac Blender
  • Supercharged manifold to eliminate air to blender
  • Dual compartments with separation wier to manage fluid and flow-back in single unit
  • Multiple 8″ inlets/outlets for combined lease configuration, water transfer
  • Reduce clutter, hoses, leak point potential, personnel required

Executive Options

Technology upgrades available to improve job efficiency and site safety across the entire lease.

  • Electronic, adjustable fluid level alarm, audible and visual indicators
  • Dual gauge board for easing viewing in water transfer/flow back operations
  • Telescoping auxiliary lighting tower
  • 110v, LED lighting for high visibility, low power consumption, longevity

Safe, Visible & Accessible

Shark Tanks are designed with access and safety in mind so personnel can operate with confidence and efficiency.

  • Standard stairwell to non-slip tread plate walkway up top
  • Heavy duty safety rails and gates (collapsible for transport)
  • Roomy man hatches to each compartment
  • Fixed, built-in steel ladders for tank access

Weir Flow System

Shark tanks are divided into two compartments with a separation weir for dual-use fluid management in one container.

  • Flow back separation for reuse of produced/treated fluid
  • Can be equalized to act as single 193m3 / 1,214bbl fluid tank
  • Functions as one large tank or a two compartment system, allowing retention time for settling.
  • 8″ gates between compartments for rapid equalization

Full Throttle Frac

With 8 inch inlets and a built-in multi-port manifold, Shark Tanks manage frac fluids at large volumes for high down-hole frac rates

  • Four 8″ inlets, fast fill from water source, rapid equalization with 8″ inch umbilical hose between tanks
  • Eight 4″ Fig 200 HU Connection to Frac Manifold, 8″ gates, dual sump
  • 2″ heater pipes to accept a glycol systems or a boiler system
  • CeramKote 2000 protective interior coating for easy clean up after job is complete

Shark Tank Battery

Scalable configuration options allow for a sensible, efficient battery of frac tanks with easy coupling, orderly hoses

  • Scalable with two tanks per container, built-in manifold, valves, fittings
  • Complete frac solution – drill, frac, flow back, clean up
  • Minimal hoses, fewer connectors, better safety, lower risk
  • Multi fluid monitoring via gauge boards, top hatches and/or optional electronic monitoring

About Shark Tanks

Shark Tanks are a state-of-the-art frac fluid management system by Shark Oilfield Rentals Inc. Engineered and purpose-built to address conventional frac tank inefficiencies and on site redundancies, Shark Tanks streamline hydraulic fracturing processes by providing a multi-purposes storage, fluid management and flow-back system in a single unit or multi-tank configuration.

Accelerate production, lower costs, improve site safety and reduce environmental hazard potential with Shark Tanks.

SeCor Certified Shark Oilfield

Health & Safety

As a SeCor Certified company, our confident and proficient personnel enjoy a proactive, safety conscious working environment, excellent training and top-notch job assurances to ensure our operations continue to meet and exceed industry standards.

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Meet the Team

With more than 60 years of combined energy services experience, co-founders Dale Kaufmann and John Ruzicki designed and engineered Shark Tanks to deliver genuine fluid management efficiencies to real world frac applications. After field testing prototypes on numerous leases in a variety of conditions, their full service Shark Tanks are now an established all-in-one solution for any frac job and a proven success.

Higher returns, quicker turnarounds, greater safety, lower costs. The top of the frac chain.

In the field with John Ruzicki & Dale Kaufmann

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